Miralls – Sant Pau Hospital

Recinte Modernista de Sant Pau de Barcelona

“Miralls” is an ephemeral architecture located in the Recinte Modernista de Sant Pau (Barcelona), UNESCO World Heritage Site and Place of Cultural Interest. The installation was located in the pavilion Antic Convent. That space was open for the first time to the public to welcome anyone who wants to experience the fabulous space from another point of view.

“Miralls” presents a multiplied reality of the vaulted space of the Sant Pau Hospital, transforming the space through the interplay of reflections.The installation of a horizontal reflective surface creates the sensation of weightlessness above the vaults, giving a thrilling sensation of floatability. The combination with similarly reflective vertical planes enhances the concept, transforming it into an infinite, levitating space.

This establishes a continuous interaction between users, the work and the building itself, making viewers interact with the space, and turning them into an active part of the work: their position within it, their movements, their reflections, their actions… progressively generate and create different dreamlike interior worlds.

Photography: A2arquitectos