Loft in Lyon – France

Loft en Lyon – Francia

On the hill where the Basilica of Notre-Dame de Fouvière is perched in the city of Lyon, the historical building of “l’antiquaille”, an old psychiatric hospital dating from the XVI century, looks out over the whole of the city. Part of the hospital has been transformed into a loft-type home for a family.

The reduced dimensions of the original space did not allow for all the rooms the family needed, so for this reason, taking advantage of the great height of the space, it was decided to install a suspended mezzanine floor. This meant that on the lower floor there was no need to install any load bearing fixtures and the mezzanine floor became the children’s space. The living areas of the lower level are of double height and delimit the mezzanine floor, creating an atmosphere of spaciousness.

All of the loft is designed around the main windows, so that views to the outside and across the loft are in constant play.

The huge original wooden beams, so typical of the roof framework of the region, were restored and left visible. The use of wood as the main material in surfaces and in furniture has created a warm and cozy ambience.

Photography: A2arquitectos
Contributors: Raffi Beyan Architecture