Glass Apartment

Glass Apartment in Mallorca

Glass Apartment of 30m2, with panoramics sea view over the beach of Palma de Mallorca.

Due to the small size of the place, we decided to leave all the open space, incorporating two reflective cubes that contain the private spaces of the apartment.

The arrangement of these two pieces allows to be seen the sea from all points of the house, understood as two large lenses that reflect the sea outside.

The skin of these pieces that organize the space, is formed by a combination of polarized and reflective glasses. By placing the reflective side on the outside of them, the opacity of the most private spaces is achieved. On the contrary, a total transparency of the interior is achieved, allowing the visualization of the sea from all the rooms.

Trough the use of artificial light, it’s possible to graduate the amount of screening that is required in each moment.

Through natural light and reflective and polychromatic qualities a chameleon effect is achieved, where these two pieces capture the color of the sky and the sea, introducing different tonalities to the interior of the whole house, continuously varying his transparency and tonality.

Photography: Maria Calafat